So Exciting!

Peace to you Brothers and Sisters

We are so excited to have started a new curriculum in our Children’s Class and we would like to share a little bit about it. The book is from Standard Publishing and is titled, “Follow the Bible.” This will be a 50 week study that is designed to give children ages 6-8 a chronological overview of the Bible. It is centered around young readers and encourages skills that will help the children as they grow in their study capacity, such as finding specific scriptures, understanding the structure of the Bible, and building Bible-related vocabulary. This study is divided into 10, five week units that are centered around three ideas: Worship, Obey and Tell. In each unit we will discover a Bible based reason to do one of these three things and we will commit a related verse to Memory.

We also have a new resource for our Bible stories! Previously we have read our lessons straight from the New International Readers Version of the Bible but because each lesson in this curriculum may cover several chapters we have opted to use the Day by Day Kid’s Bible for class. Children are still taught and encouraged to find the scriptures our lesson is based on in their own Bibles so they can read at home with their parents.

As always there will be fun crafts and snacks but we are also adding journaling to our activities. After each lesson the children will receive their writing prompt and be given a few minutes to write their thoughts on the lesson or a topic related to the lesson. The prompts are individualized and based on each student’s needs and capabilities. It is our hope journaling will help the children think of the lesson in a current, personal, and concrete way. Parents are welcomed to view their child’s journal at any time; we would love for you to see what your child has been learning!

Please continue to pray for our class as we begin this new curriculum.

You can find links to our lesson book HERE and our Day by Day Bible HERE

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Chris and Jessica