Jesus is Crucified

Greeting Brothers and Sisters. Peace to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

What a sad title for this post. “Jesus is Crucified.” What a sad day.

The Crucifixion of Jesus can be a difficult subject to discuss with children, particularly in the age range of our class but it is time. Tomorrow we will discuss the Crucifixion. Over and over in my head I imagine their faces as we discuss the torment Jesus went through. Jesus, who was perfect, sinless, and The Son of God was beaten as a criminal. Even as an adult it is hard for me to imagine! What hatred against my Savior! I know that next week we will talk of the Resurrection and we will rejoice…but this week our hearts will be heavy with our story. It would be easy to gloss over but there is a reason His suffering is detailed in the Bible. It is an important part of the story and we must share it. Jesus SUFFERED for my sins and by His stripes I am healed. What a sad thought that my sins (and yours) pinned the perfect Son of God to the cross.

So we come to the question: How can we explain this to our children?

First, it is important to gauge where your child is developmentally. If we are explaining in a way children cannot understand we might as well not explain at all. That being said, your child can probably grasp deeper topics than you may think.

Second, know it is OK for your child to be sad. The Crucifixion is a devastating event. Let them be sad and talk about why the story made them sad. Emphasize that it makes you sad, too.

Third, explain why Jesus had to die. This is where the meaning lies. Jesus died because the punishment for sin is death. We have all sinned. If you feel your child will be able to think about a time when they have sinned (without being overwhelmed,) talk about that time. Was your child punished when they did something wrong? If so ask what your child would have thought if their brother or sister…or even YOU had taken their punishment instead. That is what Jesus did for us.

Finally, be ready with the story of the Resurrection. The Crucifixion, though sorrowful, has a joyous ending!

It may also be helpful to do a craft as you discuss the story. Try the ideas here

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Chris and Jessica