God’s Top 10

Our last post recounted Moses journey from the burning bush back to Egypt and out again. This time with Israel in tow! We followed them across the sea where God rescued them and into the wilderness where God provided food and water for His people.

Finally, we come to “The Rules.” While Moses spoke with God on the mountain, Israel ran amok. They were certain they had been abandoned and they created an idol with the treasure God had provided them when they left Egypt. They proclaimed, “This is the god that brought us out of Egypt!” but saying it certainly doesn’t make it true. In a camp of misguided people who had rejected Him, God did not fail. He delivered to the people a set of rules (The 10 Commandments) to guide them. These rules helped the people know how to please God.

As it says later in Romans 7:7, how can we know what is sin unless the law tells us?

Thanks to God for giving us the law so we can know what sin is. By knowing our sin we can see our need for forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ.

-Your Brother and Sister in Christ, Chris and Jessica Cortez

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