What’s Going on Back There?

We are happy to share how we are keeping your children engaged during Sabbath School!

Class structure:

10:30-11:00 Sharing & Lesson Introduction
During this time the children are provided with an introduction to the day’s lesson. This is usually done with a coloring page as many of the children enjoy the opportunity to be creative. We also engage the children in conversation about their week and listen to any stories they may have to share. In doing this we believe we help the children to feel valued by being heard. It also opens opportunities to discuss Christian values and lessons that relate to each student’s current situation.

11:00-11:30 Story Time!
Story time is when the lesson for the day is presented (and when the children get cozy in beanbags and blankets.) We begin with a recap of last week’s lesson and the events that have lead us to where we are in the scriptures. The lesson (or story) is usually read directly from the scriptures (NIrV version). We talk about the meaning or lesson to be learned from the story and answer any of the children’s questions.

11:30-12:00 Snacks and Crafts
The last 30 minutes of our class provides a creative opportunity to reinforce the lesson in a memorable, hands-on way. During this time we make a lesson-themed craft or play a game related to the lesson. We also have a light snack to help the kid’s make it to lunch time! While this time may seem like fun and games it is actually a time to solidify the lesson in the children’s minds. It also encourages sharing, cooperation, and learning to follow instructions.

Want to see for yourself?
Parents are always welcome to join us for class but we do ask that you do not enter or exit the room during the story. This can be a distraction to the children during our most important time.

Running a little late?
Everybody has those days. Please feel free to bring your child to class ANYTIME (even during the scheduled story time.) We would much rather help a student get caught up than miss the opportunity to share God’s word with them altogether.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about the Children’s Ministry.
See you and your child soon!

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Chris and Jessica Cortez

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